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When the west thinks of Afghanistan, terrorism and war immediately hit their mind. We a Group of Afghan Photographers gathered together to explore Afghanistan to the rest of the world. We believe we can bring Change, Peace and Justice through art of photography and send message of peace to the rest of the world.

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Abdul Qadir Popal
Country: Afghanistan
City: Kabul

Mohammad Iqbal Bakht Country: Afghanistan
City: Kabul

Mohammad Adris Sahray
Country: Afghanistan
City: Kabul

Auliya Atrafi
Country: Afghanistan
City: Helmand
Email:Auliya Atrafi@AfghanNFocus.com

Upcoming Events

Next ANA Soldier

Photo Exhibition

Afghan nFocus photo exhibition is a good opportunity for all to came around and take a tour of an Afghan life through eyes of an Afghan photographer. Please contact us for further information.

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